Women's FLX Gel Saddleby Terry


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Color Shown: Black

Terry's FLX Gel saddle for women offers the latest evolution in saddle technology. The gel version of the FLX is ideal for elite riders who prefer a lightweight, lightly padded saddle with just a touch of gel to take the edge off. The FLX Gel has a complete cutaway front to back for added comfort and flexibility, with front and rear gel relief. Slim profile.

Made in Italy.
length x width: 260mm x 142mm
weight: 258 g / 9.1 oz.
rails: manganese
cover/features: perforated black leather with white patent leather accent and thin gel insert

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Performed just as promised, very happy. Choose this to replace a Selle Italia SLR which had too wide a cutout for my ischial bones. Saddle fits great and looks good too.




Women's gel flx

Terry has a winner with this saddle! I tried it a year ago and the cover had seams on the top which were uncomfortable. This newly redone saddle is great! Good support for sit bones and well placed cut out. I'm a road rider, training for a century. It remains comfortable for long rides.

Christy H



Great for triathletes!

This is a wonderful saddle. I noticed a huge difference when I swapped it for my standard women's saddle. I do triathlons and was looking for a saddle with which I could wear shorts with minimal padding, because I need to be able to swim and run comfortably in those shorts as well. This saddle is structurally excellent. I've ridden with it for 1 to 1 1/2 hours a few times with minimal to no pain/numbness in the "soft tissues" and hip/butt area. This is a sturdy, sharp-looking saddle that adds both comfort and style to my road bike. Although I can't attest to its use for longer rides, it definitely should do the trick for you for a 15-20 mile jaunt, and likely holds up over several more miles!


Boston, MA



Just rode my first 100 - Harpeth River Ride - after only 5 hours on this particular saddle. It was great - no issues whatsoever! Every person is different, & a saddle is certainly an individualized fit. But I was impressed w/ the comfort after so little break-in time.

Debra Martin

Chattanooga, TN


Wonderful saddle!

I have recently started riding much more than in the past, at least 4 or 5 days a week. My old Damselfly just wasn't comfortable enough for me on rides of 2 hours plus. I decided to spring for a FLX gel saddle because it looked like a good shape and fit for me. I cannot believe the difference! Plus with the Terry Guarantee, how can you lose?!

Karen S.



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