Falcon X

Item: 21033024
By: Terry


Editors' Choice, Bicycling magazine.

The Falcon X is recommended for riders in search of fore/aft comfort and speed, and also has the distinction of being named an Editors' Choice by the testers at Bicycling. In addition to having a larger and longer cutaway than the Butterflies or FLX saddles, the Falcon has an inverted v-wing in the rear to provide a greater degree of flexibility and relief to the tailbone. Lightly padded overall with an elevated rear that gives riders a great perch for power climbs. Recommended for road and mountain biking. Hand made in Italy.

Product Details

• black Dura-tek cover with seamless nose and screen-printed design
• Terry's signature cutaway through the center of the saddle for pressure relief
• V-wing relief channel at the rear
• length x width: 259mm x 152mm
• weight: 295 grams; 10.4 ounces
• rails: FeC alloy

Product Features

  • U.S. patent #407.910

    Terry originated the revolutionary comfort saddle, with seamless center cut away and contoured rear, reducing pressure on soft tissue.

  • Best Comfort for Women and Men

    Saddle length, width, and placement of the center cut away are optimized for the differences in male and female anatomy, as well as riding style.

  • Expertly Crafted Foam Padding

    Foam density is varied and each saddle’s profile is finely tuned: firmer in the rear to support sit bones; softer in the front to provide relief

  • Made in Italy

    State-of-the-art manufacturing processes are combined with old-world craftsmanship.