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Liberator Y Gel Italia

Item: 21076000
By: Terry


With thousands on the road, the Terry Liberator has earned its reputation as one of the most comfortable saddles for men. We recommend it to those experiencing a variety of comfort issues and are pleased to introduce a lighter, sleeker new Liberator Y Gel Italia, handmade in Italy. It uses the same unique soft-tissue friendly shape and high quality materials as the Liberator Y Italia, with the addition of a thin layer of gel padding along the top to add one more level of relief.

Lengthy rides or touring where body position is slightly more upright requires saddle that's anatomically supportive and has a higher degree of comfort. We designed the Liberators with a wider rear for support of sit bones, a large cutaway through the center and a relief channel off the back for pressure relief against the perineal area and some much needed air flow down below. The combination of the ergonomically shaped rear paneling and durable Dura-tek cover reduces contact with stitching and creates a soft landing pad that prevents chafing.

Product Details

• black Dura-tek cover with black stitching
• thin gel layer along top of saddle provides an additional level of comfort
• center cutaway with rear relief channel reduces contact points with soft tissue areas
• length x width: 265mm x 172mm
• weight: 366g
• rails: FeC Alloy
• handmade in Italy

Product Care