Pace Cycling Helmet

Item: 670058
By: Kali Protectives


A breakthrough in safety technology, the Pace uses Composite Fusion, a process that bonds the helmet shell and EPS foam liner together allowing for a thinner shell, creating a lighter, stronger helmet. The interior includes a QuadCore low-density liner that reduces rotational impact forces up to 25% and provides a cushioned, close fit that protects against low-grade bumps and hits. Whether you are going for a ride in the neighborhood, hitting your local trailhead with your besties or commuting to work, the Pace has you covered with an ultra-stylish silhouette and colorway, breathable venting system, and break-away style visor.

Product Details

• Composite Fusion in-molding technology merges the polycarbonate shell and EPS foam liner for excellent protection and lighter feel
• Quadcore LDL reduces rotational forces and places soft gel padding comfortably against the head
• 15 vents for breathability
• Micro-fit closure system with locking buckle and sliders
• removable, washable and antimicrobial interior pads
• removable break-away visor
• weight: 286g

Fit Notes

Helmet sizes are based on the circumference of your head. To determine the correct size, use a soft measuring tape to measure around your head at the widest point, typically one inch above the eyebrows. Once you have your measurement, compare it with the provided size chart.

Product Care

Helmets are made of materials that can be damaged by many commonly available cleaners. Petroleum based solvents or cleaners are especially problematic. They can damage a helmet so that its protective capabilities are reduced. Many times this damage is not visible. For best results, clean the helmet using a soft cloth or sponge, warm water and mild soap.