Raven Ti Gel

Item: 21037000
By: Terry


The Raven Ti Gel saddle features strategically positioned gel under sit bones for an increased level of comfort. It was designed using the latest in vacuum molding technology, allowing for a sleek, seam-free contact surface and clean integration with the saddle's substrate base. The benefit – no chafing, no hot spots. It has a narrow profile with dropped nose shaping in front that helps eliminate pressure, and a flat rear that supports your sit bones. We've also achieved the ideal balance of foam padding with ergonomic relief channel, making it a very comfortable option for those looking to minimize bulk. The Raven is a slightly longer saddle that gives you more fore-aft positioning range on the bike and it comes with a smooth, durable synthetic cover.

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Product Details

• smooth, matte black Dura-tek cover
• pressure relief channel
• drop nose design for front of saddle comfort
• strategically positioned gel under sit bones (O-zone)
• length x width: 265mm x 150mm
• weight: 266 grams; 9.38 ounces
• rails: CRN-Ti

Product Features

  • U.S. patent #407.910

    Terry originated the revolutionary comfort saddle, with seamless center cut away and contoured rear, reducing pressure on soft tissue.

  • Expertly Crafted Foam Padding

    Foam density is varied and each saddle’s profile is finely tuned: firmer in the rear to support sit bones; softer in the front to provide relief

  • Gel Inserts for Additional Comfort

    Strategically placed, thin gel inserts are used for additional softness.