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Varia Radar Bike Taillight

Item: 888009C1000
By: Garmin


Congratulations, you've just found the smartest, sleekest and most safety-enhancing taillight on the market. In fact to call it a taillight, is misleading; it's actually eyes behind your head. Designed to pair with an Edge bike computer, other Garmin device or a compatible smartphone, the Varia has a radar that will ingeniously alert you to rear approaching vehicles, up to 140 meters away. When a vehicle approaches, visual, audio and/or vibration alerts are sent to your bike computer or the Varia app on your smartphone that will help you judge proximity and give you the time to make adjustments. More functional than bar or helmet-mounted mirrors, the Varia also has multiple light modes that provide enough daylight visibility for motorists to see you from up to a mile away and includes a courteous low-intensity "peloton" mode that is kind to other riders' eyes when cycling in a group. Easy to mount, this compact device attaches to the seatpost of almost any road, touring or commuter bike and its vertical design allows for better leg clearance and a perfectly comfortable ride. Micro USB-rechargeable with up to 16 hrs of run time and compatible with your favorite apps—like Ride with GPS—the Varia is one new piece of technology that makes a lot of sense to us.

Product Details

• rearview radar provides visual, audible and vibration alerts for rear-approaching vehicles, up to 140 meters (450 feet)
• radar pairs seamlessly with the Edge bike computer, other Garmin devices including select wearables, and smartphones compatible with the Varia app
• LED lights with 65 lumen peak brightness provides daylight visibility up to 1 mile away
• 5 light modes: Solid (20 lumens, 6hr run time) Peloton (8 lumens, 8 hrs of run time) Night Flash (29 lumens, 6 hr run time) Day Flash (65 lumens, 16 hr run time)
• high efficiency Micro-USB rechargeable battery runs for up to 16 hrs (charging cable not included)
• weather cap protects USB port
• compact vertical design mounts easily to most bikes; mounting kit includes shims for round, aero and d-shaped seat posts and secures to bike via a simple, elastic O-ring
• when used with compatible smartphones, radar integrates with third-party apps, such as Ride with GPS, to overlay maps with rearview radar alerts

Fit Notes

Varia RT515 Radar Taillight Owner Manual For a list of compatible Garmin devices, please visit: www.garmin.com/en-US/p/698001#devices