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Prima Road Cycling Shoes

Item: 662208
By: Sidi


When it comes to the best fitting, longest lasting road shoes for women, the search stops at Sidi. New for 2024 for women are the Prima Road shoes that give you the best in fit tech at the best value. Slightly narrower and tapered for a woman's foot, they have fit adjustments for every foot at critical points via a Firmor closure system. The lightweight upper is built to reduce foot fatigue and encourage airflow. Its low-profile carbon nylon Aerolite Sole puts power to your pedals when sprinting, yet has enough flexibility to be comfortable on all-day rides. With its sleek design and high-tech features, the Prima Road Shoe Cycling Shoe is a premier example of the unique blend of comfort and style that Sidi is famous for.

Product Details

• vented upper keeps your feet cool and comfortable
• carbon composite Aerolite sole maximizes aerodynamics and power transmission
• sole balances stiffness, weight and flexibility for effortless, comfortable pedaling
• includes a replaceable polyurethane heel pad designed to enhance walkability
• integrated, reinforced heel cup comfortably secures heel within the shoe
• Firmor closure provides maximum lateral support of foot
• Techno dial closure is speedy, easy to adjust and secure
• 3-bolt cleat bolt pattern

Product Care

To clean shoes covered in mud, dirt or road grime, wipe them clean with a damp sponge or cloth. Never clean shoes in the washing machine and do not clean them with strong detergents, abrasive pads or brushes. Regularly check cleat area for dirt or debris and replace worn cleats as needed. Store in a cool, dry and well-ventilated place. Fill with newspaper to absorb any dampness and to keep the shape. If the shoes are not damp or wet after use, simply clean them with a soft brush.