Sidekick Pouch

Item: 665199C1000
By: Swift Industries


Built to holster the small things you can't ride without (water bottle, snacks, bike tools, etc) this clever cylinder makes it easy to access your gear and acts as an on-the-go aid station. With a simple drawcord closure that can be opened one-handed and two mounting systems, the Sidekick Stem Bag can be attached to the nook between your bike's stem and handlebars or hitched onto another Swift Industries bag for extra capacity. Sustainably made with durable ECOPAK recycled polyester it's a winner whether you're riding out for the afternoon or on a multi-day bike trip.

Product Details

• made from light and durable ECOPAK recycled polyester; fabric contains plastic bottles rescued from polluted oceans
• 3 Velcro attachment straps secure bag to handlebars and stem
• can be attached to compatible Swift Industries bags via daisy chain and MOLLE snap straps
• bottom drain hole for wet conditions or water bottle spillage
• drawstring cinch-top is easy to open and close while in motion
• dimensions: 5.25 x 4; designed to fit wide-mouth water bottles
• volume: 1L
• weight: 2.5oz

Fit Notes

This bag was designed to securely attach to your bike's handlebars and stem. It can also be attached to the following Swift Industries bags: Kestrel Handlebar Bag, Ardea Pack, Merlin Randonneur Bag, Anchor Hip Pack Attaches and Wald 137 Basket via the included snap straps. How To Video: