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Saddle Registration


Terry saddles are guaranteed for twenty-four months from the date of purchase. A faulty product will be repaired or replaced by Terry within the warranty time frame if the defect is not due to carelessness, normal wear, improper use or incorrect installation. This warranty is offered only to the original purchaser and can't be extended to third parties. Please visit our Saddle Safety and Care Guide before installing your saddle.

With over a million Terry saddles on bicycles all over the world, rest assured you've made the right choice. Terry saddles have been revolutionizing the ride for nearly 2 decades, first for women, then for all.

Whether you're a weekend rider, long distance junkie or serious racer, you'll find there's a Terry saddle that suits your style of cycling and delivers the most comfortable ride imaginable. and just to make sure, we have an unmatched "ride it and love it" guarantee that allows you to return or exchange your saddle within 30 days if you're not completely satisfied.

Thanks for your support.
Now get out there and RIDE.